Генеральные консульства Украины http://mfa.gov.ua/ua/about-mfa/abroad/consulates

Посольства Украины  http://mfa.gov.ua/ua/about-mfa/abroad/embassies

The International Labour Organization (ILO)   www.ilo.org
International Maritime Organization (IMO)  www.imo.org
ITF seafafers  www.itfseafarers.org
ICC Commercial Crime Services (CCS)   www.icc-ccs.org
International Seafarers Assistance Network (ISAN)   www.seafarerhelp.org
Seafarers International Research Centre (SIRC)  www.sirc.cf.ac.uk
The Mission to Seafarers   www.missiontoseafarers.org
Equasis  www.equasis.org
The International Christian Maritime Association (ICMA)  www.icma.as
The International Committee on Seafarers’ Welfare  www.seafarerswelfare.org
The Marine Society College of the Sea   www.ms-sc.org
The Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB)  www.maib.gov.uk
The European Maritime Safety Agency    www.emsa.europa.eu
The International Tanker Owners Pollution Federation (ITOPF)    www.itopf.com
International Transportation Safety Association (ITSA)   www.itsasafety.org
The Marine Accident Investigators’ International Forum (MAIIF)  www.maiif.org
Seafarers’ Advice & Information Line    www.sailine.org.uk
The Sailors’ Society     www.sailors-society.org